BROOKLYN ROCK LOTTERY 7 Participants includeD:

Aaron Moore  Volcano The Bear // Gospel Of Mars
Andrew Fox VISUALS
Brian Kesley  Joseph
Cassandra Jenkins  Cassandra Jenkins
David Lizmi  MS MR // You Won't // Innov Gnawa
Eli Janney 8G Band // Girls Against Boys
Emily Lee  Shearwater
Emma Witmer  gobbinjr
Holly Miranda Holly Miranda
Jay Heiselmann Grooms // Roya
Kevin Moehringer  The Walkmen // Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra // Kevin Moehringer's Slow Life // High & Mighty Brass Band // The Jelly House Band
Kirk Douglas  The Roots // Dust Rays 
Laura Ortman Stars Like Fleas // The Dust Dive // The Coast Orchestra
Lindsey-Paige McCloy Patio
Luke Lalonde  Born Ruffians
Mark Quinlan  Hop Along
Matt Nelson  tune-yards // Battle Trance
Mike Yannich Worriers // The Ergs
Nikki Glaspie  The Nth Power // Beyoncé // Dumstaphunk 
 Sam Ubi Fort Lean
 Steve Cooper  Spirit Animal
 T Bone Motta  Public Enemy
Yula Beeri  Yula and the Extended Family
Zeke Healy The Boggs // Brooklyn Browngrass // Morgan O'Kane // Zeke and Karen

50% of proceeds from Brooklyn Rock Lottery 7 are donated to Feel The Music


In reaction to the recent presidential election results, 50% of all proceeds from Brooklyn Rock Lottery 7 will be divided equally between

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